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Information For Parents

General Information about Speech and Language

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


Finding the Right Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) For Your Autistic Child

ABA vs. Social-Pragmatic Approach: How Do Different Approaches Compare?

Increasing Speech Intelligibility in Children With Autism

Teaching Question-Asking to Children With Autism

SCERTS Model: A Pioneering Approach For Autism

Greenspan's Floor Time: The Basis Of Social-Pragmatic Therapy

Gluten/Casein Free Diet

Sensory Integration: Another Approach To ASD

Autism: Social Communication Experts

Barry Prizant

Carol Gray

Michelle Garcia-Winner

Prelinguistic Communication: Pre-Verbal Or Non-Verbal Children

The Importance Of Gestures

Late Babbling: a Red Flag


PROMPT: For Motor Speech Disorders

Sign Language

Sign With Your Baby

What's the Sign for...?

Transactional Model: Our Approach to Language Teaching

What is the Transactional Model?

Does the Transactional Model Work?

Learning Two Languages

What Does it Mean to Be Bilingual

Effects of Bilingualism on Reading

The Acquisition of a Second Language

"Tongue Tie" (Ankyloglossia)

Ankyloglossia--To Clip or Not to Clip? That's the Question